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Danfoss ammonia with solenoid valve flange welding


EVER is a direct or servo operated solenoid valve, used in ammonia, or in a liquid or gas or gas pipeline. EVRAT is the auxiliary open type servo solenoid valve, its special design, so that it does not need to open the pressure difference. Therefore, the utility model is especially suitable for occasions where the pressure difference is zero.

technical data


R717 (ammonia), R22, R134A, R404A, R12, R502, etc..

Medium temperature

-40 ~ +105 DEG C, 10W or 12W coil. The maximum temperature of 130 degrees

Coil use ambient temperature and protection level see solenoid valve coil".

1)The Kv value is when the medium is water and the density of =1000kg/m3. differential pressure across the valve when the flow rate is 1bar.

2)The maximum opening pressure difference (MOPD) of the medium state for the gas is about 1bar higher than that of the medium.

3)AC coil only.

4)AC and DC coils can be used.