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Condensing unit about the influence of temperature variation on the refrigeration system
发布日期:2017-04-27   作者:JINXUE   来源:www.jinxuezhileng.com

Unit components related to have normal temperature range, temperature is beyond the scope of abnormal state. These abnormal factors may be caused by fault, also may be adjustment is not correct, but are intended to analyze its reasons, and handling or check in time. These temperature points can't be measured with a thermometer, feel is normally only used to estimate, and then determine whether normal.

(1) summer under the influence of exhaust gas temperature, discharge temperature of compressor is relatively high, the hand can't touch. According to the provisions of the national standard of R22 refrigeration system of exhaust gas temperature should not exceed 150 oc, over this temperature line belongs to the abnormal situation. Exhaust temperature high reason, is the compressor suction ultra-high temperature, or condensation temperature high, must pay attention. Exhaust temperature was low, hand to touch the exhaust pipe is not hot, it shows that inspiratory especially low temperature, the compressor can be run wet stroke or system working medium rather less running state. Compressor wet stroke is easy to damage the valve structure; Refrigerants, less is running, it will affect the winding of the motor cooling, accelerate the aging of insulation.

(2) the casing temperature change influence on compressor and refrigeration system enclosed reciprocating piston compressor chassis appearance of temperature field can be divided into two parts: a. on casing affected by suction vapor, the temperature is lower, in micro heat or cool, estimated at about 30 oc, local around the suction casing surface has the potential of dew. B. motor casing in the calorific value and frozen oil out of the friction heat, mainly by the steam out of the chassis.