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Aluminum fin type heat exchanger will replace the traditional heat exchanger into the mainstream
发布日期:2017-04-27   作者:JINXUE   来源:www.jinxuezhileng.com

Refrigeration equipment of aluminum and copper is home appliance material to replace in the field of hot spots in recent years, as the technology matures, coupled with aluminum alloy pipe and accessories with the "air conditioning refrigeration pipe cost saving more than 30%, anticorrosive, extend, the efficiency of heat exchange performance indexes such as further improvement" competitive advantages, such as making the aluminum and copper in application prospect in the field of air conditioning increasingly clear, and the macro economic downturn and slowing export growth and insufficient domestic demand, as well as the state encourages the saving energy and reducing consumption environment, further has given rise to the demand for air conditioning pipe aluminum alloy products. And aluminum fin type heat exchanger is a kind of aluminum alloy for the material used in refrigeration equipment, a new type of heat exchange components as substitution for copper material, its not only cost low, and the result of innovation in the structure of products in high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection has more advantages than copper. Heat exchanger experts think YanJue peak, aluminum fin type heat exchangers instead of traditional finned heat exchanger is an inevitable trend.

YanJue peak is the domestic well-known expert in heat exchanger, as well as her in wuxi city is mechanical and electronic trade co., LTD., the founder of the company is mainly engaged in sales and service of aluminum fin type heat exchangers, for aluminum fin type heat exchange equipment in high thermal efficiency, small volume, light weight etc, and is suitable for the broad scope, except with corrosive medium such as engineering machinery, air compressors, transportation, air purification and separation, cooling and freezing, and so on.

Introduce to the reporter YanJue peak, if want to increase the new air volume in the air conditioning system, which would require to increase the exhaust air in the room. During the summer, the cooling and heating in the winter when adjusting, fresh air and exhaust air will have larger heat difference between. An aluminum fin type heat exchanger can recycle the heat, when equipment to handle new wind energy nature will drop, can improve the air quality of air conditioning room at the same time, also can reduce energy consumption, and central air conditioning in the treatment of new wind energy basically can reduce about 65%. The application of aluminum fin type heat exchanger for energy conservation and emissions reduction at the same time, also can improve the quality of the same period, to promote the development of energy-saving air conditioning. And central air conditioning as aluminum fin type heat exchanger based on object, one of its market capacity also got very big improvement.

In 2016, according to relevant data show that the domestic heat exchanger industry scale will exceed 100 billion yuan, this undoubtedly for the heat exchanger industry to provide more broad space for development. In the future, the domestic market demand for product quality level put forward higher requirements, environmental protection, energy-saving aluminum fin type heat exchanger will replace the traditional heat exchanger become the focus of future development, promising prospects.