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Air-cooled condenser tube heat transfer and flow numerical simulation
发布日期:2017-04-27   作者:JINXUE   来源:www.jinxuezhileng.com

Relative to the water cooled condenser, air cooled condenser without cooling water circulation line, so the system is simple, convenient installation, wide application scope. Currently the vast majority of small and medium-sized air conditioner and some of the big water chiller using air cooling fin tube heat exchanger as condenser. Finned tube heat exchanger is made up of finned equidistant and parallel to each other and with vertical fin and arranged according to certain rule of tube bundle. Fin side of air forced convection heat transfer, fluid pipe inside the fluid for refrigerants condensation heat transfer, the main thermal resistance in the air side, the air side heat transfer properties determine the performance of the condenser. The condenser structure affects the air flow and heat transfer. At present in view of the finned tube heat exchanger heat transfer performance and resistance characteristic of the study was conducted for uniform wind speed toward the [1-6], while the actual air cooling condenser head on wind speed is uneven, wind velocity of non-uniform temperature field caused by uneven, leading to the change of thermal efficiency is reduced. Air-cooled condenser structure is varied, but there is a big part in the design are not fully consider the effect of air distribution structure on efficiency, resulting in waste of condenser heat transfer area. So the condenser air side the distribution of velocity field and temperature field, type of heat exchanger structure design is of great significance.