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Evaporative condenser has three advantages
发布日期:2017-04-27   作者:JINXUE   来源:www.jinxuezhileng.com

Refrigeration letters - for most of the refrigeration and air conditioning systems, evaporative condenser has the advantage of cost savings. According to air conditioning refrigeration market survey, they ruled out the problem and a large number of water pump in water cooled system of water treatment problems. And have the same refrigerating capacity and the cost of air cooling condenser, compared to the fan power is much smaller. The most important is that the use of refrigeration, air conditioning system of evaporative condenser, the condensing pressure can be lower than the traditional water-cooled or air-cooled. Evaporative condenser relatively other condensation system has the following three advantages.

First of all, it system operation cost is low. Condensation temperature within the design of wet bulb temperature of 8.3 ℃ is very practical and economic, as a result, the compressor power than other cooling towers/condenser system to save at least 10% of power consumption, and 30% less power than air-cooled condenser system, the power/condenser and cooling tower fan system fan has a similar power consumption, and is about 1/3 of the same specifications of the air-cooled condenser fan power. Second, saves the initial investment. The evaporative condenser cooling towers and condenser, circulating tank, circulating pumps and pipes integrated as a whole, this reduces the cooling tower, circulating pumps and pipes, such as equipment, also reduced the cooling tower/condenser processing and the cost of the installation of a single element in the system. Finally, save a space. Refrigeration letters according to reporter understanding, the evaporative condenser through the condenser coil and cooling tower into one saves valuable space, and there is no need to cooling tower/condenser system that need larger water pump and pipeline. Evaporative condenser requires only about 50% of the same specifications of the air-cooled condenser of windward area.

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